Name: Ferris Wheel
Opened at Coney: 1990
Manufacturer: Eli Bridge Co.
Model: #5 Big Eli Wheel, cable driven
Number of Cars: 12
Passengers per car: three
Maximum Capacity per ride: 36 people
Height: 45 feet
Built in: 1947
Miscellaneous: The design of this ride was originally created by the Eli Bridge Co. in 1912. They no longer manufacture cable driven wheels because of the experience and skill required to keep the wheel balanced. (They now rely on a rim driven by tires). Seat belts were added in 2007. The original Ferris Wheel at Coney was installed at Coney in 1925. It was a 16 seat model from Eli Bridge, and stood 55 feet tall.
Height Requirement: 36” to ride with an adult. 48” to ride without an adult.