Appalachian Festival: This annual event is held Mother`s day weekend.  For more information, visit the Appalachian Festival website here:

Summerfair!: This event is held the first weekend in June.  Please note that typically several rides at Coney are closed due to the set up of this festival.  The closed rides typically include: Dodgems, Slide, Fender Bender, Tilt A Whirl, Scream Machine, Carousel, and Swing A Round).  For more information on Summerfair! visit their website here:

LaRosa`s Balloon Glow:  Held every year on July 3rd, about a dozen hot air balloons glow over the Coney Mall from 8-10pm, weather permitting.  At 10pm, Rozzi`s Famous Fireworks lights up the sky.  The rides typically stay open until 11pm and the pool until 9pm on July 3.

2008 Balloon Glow Pictures

2007 Balloon Glow Pictures

Fire up the Night: An international fireworks competition.  Admission for this special event is by the carload.  The rides are typically open for this event.