Sunlite Pool

Sunlite pool opened on May 22, 1925. The pool was designed by W. J. Lynch of New Haven, CT and measured 200 feet by 401 feet. The pool contained 3,500,000 gallons of water and the filtration system could clean 47,000 gallons an hour that first year. The pool reportedly cost around $500,000. The pool is still billed as the world`s largest recirculation swimming pool and is one of Coney`s biggest draws.

Pool Facts

– There are two picnic areas located outside each of the two entrance gates to the pool. Grilling and glass containers are prohibited.
-Sunlite Pool is a non smoking facility.
-Sunlite is open daily Memorial day weekend through Labor day weekend, 10am until 8pm.
-The deep end of the pool features six diving boards, as well as lanes for lap swimming.
-The deep end is 10 feet deep at the deepest part. The shallowest part of the pool measures a mere 8” deep.
-Originally, when the pool was constructed, there was a 1/2 acre white sand beach on the west end of the pool.
-1938 was the first year that the pool was referred to as Sunlite Pool.